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Techno Mum’s Tech Line


Techno Mum is back on Fun Kids in Techno Mum’s Tech Line and if you’re always asking questions about how things work then you’ll love this new series.

We’ll be opening the phones on the Tech Line and – with the help of some of Techno Mum’s engineer friends – taking your calls and answering all your questions about technology, gadgets and engineering.

Car 2

So if you’ve ever wondered how the internet works, what an engineer actually does, how cars are made and loads more fascinating things like this, then you’ll need to tune in.

You can hear Techno Mum’s Tech Line every day from 6pm on Fun Kids, or catch-up with the podcasts in iTunes and on the Fun Kids Player!

Want to know more about gadgets and engineering right now? Check out all the pages below and discover loads of cool facts!

Techno Mum’s Tech Line is supported by the Institution of Engineering and Technology – advancing and sharing technology

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