Meet… Bunty

Say hello to Bunty!

Bunty is a nonstop chatterbox who always knows what’s going on in the Binscape!

She’s got all the latest gossip, rumours and news before anyone else. The trouble with chatting to Bunty is getting a word in edgewise. Bunty can talk for several minutes without even taking a breath so Tink and Clott always have to cut her microphone off!

Bunty loves parties and is an avid celebrity-spotter. She has a huge book of celebrity autographs and a collection of backstage passes!

To keep you in-the-know, Bunty gives us her Bin Gossip every Saturday and Sunday on The Bin Weevils Show!

Catch Bunty every weekend at 10am on The Bin Weevils Show on Fun Kids.

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