Meet… Clott

Say hello to Clott! 

Clott is Tink’s best friend, next door neighbour and trusted sidekick. Whatever crazy schemes Tink comes up with, you bet Clott’s up for it!

This clumsy critter is always tripping over his own feet, running into things and generally bungling stuff up! He’ll always get right back up and try again – often with the same results! Despite his lack of good sense, Clott is a faithful and loyal friend who’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

Together with his best buddy Tink, Clott presents The Bin Weevils Show every Saturday and Sunday. As well as causing lots of trouble for poor Bex, Clott brings you Clott’s Terrible Jokes, and trust us – some are really bad!

Catch Clott every weekend at 10am on The Bin Weevils Show on Fun Kids.

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