Meet… Scribbles

Say hello to Scribbles!

Scribbles is the Bin’s top reporter and investigative journalist.

He’s got a real nose for a scoop and is never without his trusty notepad and pencil, scribbling away – which is how he got his nickname! (His real name is Flum, but nobody ever calls him that).

Scribbles is always going on a new adventure to track down the latest secret or land that big Bin-tastic interview! Known for his giant antennae and ever-present microphone, Scribbles is easy to pick out in a crowd.

On The Bin Weevils Show, Scribbles will be answering your Bin Weevils questions and giving away Secret Codes to earn mulch!

Catch Scribbles every weekend at 10am on The Bin Weevils Show on Fun Kids.

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