A cat’s view of the world of rock

Some cats have decided to alter history by re-designing some of the world’s most famous music album covers

Lets hope they don’t┬áchange┬áthe lyrics?


Let it Be by the Beatles

article-1320934811209-0EBF6F0100000578-399166_479x486Outlandos D’Amour by The Police
article-1320935044828-0EBF6F3D00000578-80816_480x475Nevermind by Nirvana article-1320935105975-0EBF6F4900000578-779717_477x477London Calling by The Clash article-1320934938949-0EBF6F1A00000578-400287_476x478Kiss by Kiss article-1320934855296-0EBF6F1300000578-917225_474x476Aladdin Sane by David Bowie