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Be a Toy Tester for ToyTesters.tv!

EventsFancy getting your hands on a load of free toys? Getting involved in video reviews with children’s TV presenter Nigel Clarke? And receiving VIP invitations to attend special Toy Testing events?

Well, you need to apply to be a Toy Tester for ToyTesters.tv!

ToyTesters.TV is recruiting for testers right now! You just need to click here to apply!

If you’re chosen to be an official Toy Tester, then you’ll be sent loads of free toys, games, books and more in return for your expert opinions. And they might even include one of your reviews in the ToyTesters.tv shows! And you’ll receive VIP invitations to special events.

When you apply, you’ll also be able to join the ToyTesters.tv club, where you can enter exclusive competitions! You’ll also collect trophies for activities you do and, once you have enough, you’ll be sent a free goodie bag packed full of stuff.

Check out some cool videos from ToyTesters.tv:

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