Fun Kids and National Family Week


National Family Week is the UKโ€™s biggest annual celebration of family life aiming to highlight the importance of quality time together and promote the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Fun Kids will be involved with Family Week Storytime on Wednesday 2nd June, with great stories every hour across the day โ€“ watch out for Sooty & Sweep, Horrid Henry and a special story from Chuck the Eco Duck.

Our schedule of stories is:

  • 7am โ€“ Wizard of Oz โ€“ Part 1
  • 7:30 โ€“ The Invisable Boy โ€“ Part 1
  • 8am โ€“ Terry Jones Fairytale โ€“ A Fish of the World
  • 8:30 โ€“ Pure Fun Story โ€“ A Life Saving Journey
  • 9am โ€“ Angelina Ballerina
  • 9:30 โ€“ Pure Fun Story โ€“ Pepe
  • 10am โ€“ Sooty and Sweep Radio Show
  • 10:30 โ€“ Pure Fun Story โ€“ The Shoe Eating Elf
  • 11am โ€“ Thomas & Friends
  • 11:30 โ€“ Pure Fun Story โ€“ Patric, Eve and Me
  • 12pm โ€“ Miffy
  • 1pm โ€“ Nina Fairy Ballerina โ€“ Party Magic โ€“ Part 1
  • 2pm โ€“ Chuck the Eco Duck
  • 2:30 โ€“ Pure Fun Story โ€“ How the Giraffe Got itโ€™s Long Neck
  • 3pm โ€“ Emily Windsnap โ€“ Episode 1 (The Monster from the Deep)
  • 3:30 โ€“ Pure Fun Story โ€“ Reggie the Runner Bean
  • 4pm โ€“ Thomas & Friends
  • 4:30 โ€“ Pure Fun Story โ€“ The Mouse that Lost his Screwdriver
  • 5pm โ€“ Horrid Henry
  • 5:30 โ€“ The Boy with the Lightning Feet โ€“ Part 1
  • 6pm โ€“ Wind in the Willows โ€“ Part 1
  • 6:30 โ€“ Pure Fun Story โ€“ Eric the Quiet Dragon

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