Hear Young Voices concert on Fun Kids!

Tune in this Sunday from 7:30pm on Fun Kids!


Young Voices are back again this year putting together a gigantic youth choir made up of children and schools from all across the UK!

Young Voices is a really cool scheme that lets kids learn and improve their singing, dancing and performing skills, then test them out in front of an arena audience!

All this month, there are Young Voices concerts taking place all across the UK with hundreds of kids performing on gigantic stages that are usually for the biggest pop stars like One Direction and Little Mix!

And this year, once again, Fun Kids will be following all the action!

Click here to find out more about Young Voices

As the UK’s only radio station for children, we’re broadcasting the Young Voices performances on air for you to enjoy!

We’ll be broadcasting the following shows over the coming weeks on Fun Kids

  • 7.30pm, Sun 18th Jan – Birmingham
  • 7.30pm, Sun 25th Jan – Sheffield
  • 7.30pm, Sun 1st Feb – London
  • 7.30pm, Sun 8th March – Manchester

You can tune in to Fun Kids on DAB Digital Radio in London and the South East, on mobile and right here online at funkidslive.com!

Click here to find out more about Young Voices

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Fun Kids is the UK’s children’s radio station
Tune in on DAB Digital Radio in London and the South East, on mobile and online at funkidslive.com
Click here to listen!

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  1. Elley

    hi I’m going to be in young voices on friday the choir I’m going to be in is the Astwood Bank First School choir it looks like so much fun I can’t wait ! the singing sound really good to i’m tuning in live !

  2. Amy

    Any one who has not been should be really exited because I love the O2 so much that this will be my 3rd time I would also like to thank the teachers of all these schools one of my teachers takes up all her time with 50 children teaching them to sing and that teachers name is mrs Taylor

  3. maddison

    I have been to young voicesbefore and ut is a great opportunity 4 chrildren my age to be sharing there love and spirit in one whole chior it will be great to meet Stacy Solomon and cant wait to hear her voice since she was on the xfactor ibcant 2ait to gobto the lg arena again thank you 4 letting my school participate in your amazing concert xxx p.s cant wait

  4. erin massey

    hi im Erin i am going to perform in the young voices on friday and you can listen to us live online and it is free.its till ten’o clock at night.i can not wit. my choir teacher is called mrs dudley.its allready making me nervous.

  5. erin massey

    if you are going to young voices on friday or any time you will not be able to see the people that are going to watch you because it is a massive place.i can not wait

  6. Emma

    Hello I’m Emma and this is my 2nd time going to the 02. I would like to thank 2 teachers who lead terrific tunes at Maldon Primary School and their names are Miss Claydon & Miss Kerslake.


  7. Alicia

    I think it is good

  8. Holly

    I went to young voices last year it is awesome! I cant wait to go again this year with all of my bff’s 🙂 But just be aware if u have not been before that if anyone is coming to see you they will probally not see you and you will not see them but either way it is awesome! Hve fun everyone!!!!

  9. georgie

    amazing I would like to wish all the people from st magarets good luck

  10. Jamie [Fun Kids]

    Good luck with everyone singing and getting involved! Don’t be nervous you will all be amazing I’m sure! I’m looking forward to chatting to Stacey soon. Keep it Fun Kids to hear that interview plus we are going to be broadcasting the concerts too! YAY Can’t wait!

  11. shelby

    I love young voices well I LOVE singing and I go to young voices every year it is so much FUN Xxx

  12. Archie Fogg

    I’m doing young voices tomorrow and I cant wait!!!

  13. Helena

    I have been to the young voices since I was 7 and been going to it ever since it’s really fun and I will be going with my school choir on the 28th of january

  14. reuben h


  15. Chloe

    Hi I am Chloe and I sang at the lg arena on Thursday 16th of jan it was a amazing experience and so fun! It’s my last year unfortunately as my secondary school next year does not do it. I loved it so much young voices is AMAZING!!

  16. Pritika

    My daughter is going on the 31st and I’m more excited than her. I hope everything is going well on the stage. I wish her very best of luck for her Choir.

  17. james

    good luck hookstone chase school north Yorkshire just can not wait to see Stacey !!!

  18. Tomas. C

    Hi, I go to Astwood Bank first school and we sang in young voices choir it was great fun. Thank you for teaching me all the songs Mr.George.

  19. R&L neal

    Seven of us supported our grandson and red hill primary school on Friday at the LG what a lovely night we’ll done everyone what enjoyable evening.
    Grandma &Grandpa x

  20. mia

    hey i went to the O2 arena and it was so noisy every one was screaming and the was a lot of parents.I was so exited and my friend Alex was nervous. my school brookvale primary went and the was 3 year groups there the years groups that came was year 4,year 5 and year 6

  21. phoebe mills

    I am going to the 02 arena London
    with grange c p school felixowe
    On Monday 27th January 2014

  22. Sarah Cheetham (Elysia's mum)

    Wow Young Voices 20th January 2014!!!!! Amazing night at the Sheffield Motorpoint Arena (GO BRAMLEY GRANGE PRIMARY) – Thank you to all of the truely committed children and staff that work so hard to make all of the “bursting with pride- Mums,Dad’s,Family and Friends” join together in one venue and celebrate such a passion for music !!!!!

  23. caitlin

    I went to the young voices concert last night with my school St.Joseph’s and I had the time of my life singing and dancing away to all the different song we have been learning over the months we also loved seeing Stacey , Urban strides and all the other singing acts. We have been coming for a number of years now and I expect our school will continue to go but sadly it was mine and my class mates last year but we would like to thanks everyone for making it the best ! 🙂

  24. Samia

    I went to young voices last Thursday at the LG arena in Birmingham with my school Malvern Parish Primary School from Malvern. It was a really exciting day and our school had lots of fun dancing and singing. Our school has been going for a number of years and I also went last year. I also loved seeing Stacy and all the other acts.

    I would also like to say thank you to everyone who helped making it so amazing! 😉

  25. Ellie

    I’m going on the 4th of february 2014 with wharton c of e primary school my venue is Manchester arena tag on if you are going

  26. Ellie


  27. fun man

    I am happy for my friend Emily she has gone to Sheffield arena today with school they have to stop up till 11oclock at night

  28. fun man

    I am happy for my friend Emily she has gone to Sheffield arena today with school they have to stop up till 11oclock at night

  29. anya tovey

    hi my name is anya tovey im twelve years old i went last year to sheffield arena to young voices and it was amazing shamely i dont go to hutton cranswick primary school im in driffield school so i dont do it anymore

  30. bethany

    I think it is so good when i went to it on 22nd off jaunary

  31. Benno




  33. jack

    I love young voices

  34. Nicole

    YOUNG VOICES coming again YEY I went last year it’s absolutely amazing for anyone who’s never been before it’s amazing !!!!!

  35. millie hart

    omg i went last year and that was epic and i am going for my last year on 31st of jan (friday)at the o2 i wish it was every year 🙂 #yolo

  36. Mrs Down

    Good luck to all the children from St Mark’s School who are singing at the O2 on Monday! You’re all fab!

  37. Mrs Lulham

    Good luck to all the children from Dallington Primary School in East Suusex!
    We are all going to have a lot of fun singing at the O2 tomorrow MONDAY!!!! xx

  38. Grace Kempthorne

    I’m going to the O2 with my school Fosse Bank on Tuesday 28th I have been practising loads and can’t wait to be singing songs at the O2 with all my school friends and teachers

  39. Tina Mustafa

    I went to see my daughter sing last night at the O2 (29.01.14). I was one proud mummy watching my daughter and all the other children sing their hearts out and seeing them have so much fun. They were all so amazing and should be so proud of themselves. Well done Warren Primary School. 🙂

  40. Joseph Fischer

    The YV was so live. I’ve got to admit it has been the best concert I have ever been to. I would recommend this concert to everyone and they should try there best to go there. I love Young Voices. It was a great opportunity meeting Stacey Solomon and Mr Wayne Elington and all the way from America Keith Semple from new band Simple.

    I participated in this concert

    part of St.Mary’s primary school in Tilbury,Essex

  41. Dawn

    My daughter sang at the 02 on Friday 31st January, the atmosphere was amazing. It was wonderful to see over 7000 kids singing their hearts out. Well done to everyone at Thomas Aveling, Rochester.

  42. mel

    we went on the 31th what an awesome night we hade. well done to all the teachers at priorswood school. what an amazing opportunity our kids have had. this is my 2nd year going & i look forward to many more 🙂 thank you to the young voices choir for making this happen for all of our children. my daughter had the time of her life & she is only 8. my sons both did it in 2012 when they had the guinness world record joining them. so proud.

  43. tilly

    i went to yv with my school on the 29th we were the small school be ever if we were the smallest school there it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Kristen and Beatrix


    I went to the O2 arena last night!

    It was my first time and all my family were there and me
    and my twin sister had a great time!

  45. molly

    yay im on radio!

  46. Savannah

    I took part in young voices on the 27th of January and I loved it. I knew all of the songs and I came with my friends from St. Marys Primary Academy

  47. chloe

    wish i could do it again went on friday the 31st of januray mundella primary school it was amazing

  48. Ian (/"Futurisfire")

    I can’t wait for this, on Wednesday 5th Feb at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester! I’m going, unfortunately, not with my best friend. But I know that with Stacey Solomon on stage, I’m really gonna have a fun time!

  49. Ben

    Hi my name is Ben,I took part in The Young Voices Concert 3rd Feb 2014,i was so excited and I enjoyed every minute of it the atmosphere was amazing and I wish I could do it all again.I attended the concert with my friend’s (pupil’s of Broadgreen Primary School)….My Teacher’s were fab too 🙂

  50. Danielle

    hey, i took part in young voices on the 31st january at the 02 arena and it was amazing! I went with all my friends from (the thomas aveling school) and we all had a right laugh. My friends were Scott :), Emma :), May :), Scarlett 🙂 and Becca :)!!!! Stacey Soleman was AMAZING. Our teachers were absolutly graet too….. Thankyooouuu 🙂 :0 🙂 :0

  51. Danielle

    OMG,i missed people out 🙁 we loved being at the 02 and well we wanted to say thankyou xxxxx there was about 25 of us from Thomas Aveling and we all laughed a lot….. WOW deffo coming next year 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. Nannie Liz

    My Granddaughter Lucy is singing tonight at the MEN Young Voices! She is really excited, she attends St Annes RC school Huyton .

  53. Kchester

    O2 arena in Manchester 4th feb 2014 AMAZING concert the best I’ve been to there everyone was brill but a MASSIVE BIG SHOUT OUT to ST ANN’S RC primary school from Stretford and my son KAIDEN xxx

  54. Shannon

    Had a brilliant time tonight singing with my school, st edmunds primary, little hulton, at M.E.N Young Voices! With Stacey Soloman!!!

  55. Shannon

    Had a brilliant night performing tonight at M.E.N Young Voices! Especially with Stacey Soloman being there!!! I attend st edmunds primary, little hulton! Xx

  56. Ellie Buckley

    OMG! I went to the phones 4
    U arena on 5th Febuary! It was so fun I enjoyed every moment
    All the songs were fun and Tim the kangaroo was so funny
    Best day ever that was my 3rd time and my last ;(
    Go st edmunds rc primary school and go Stacey Solomon

  57. mrs.stringer

    Hello to the 165 members of Newton Primary School in Chester, who sang in the Young Voices concert on February 5th 2014 in Manchester. I hope you enjoyed the experience and will remember it for a long time!

  58. David

    We do make sure each school’s audience can see their children/ choir. Placement is crucial because that is why Mums and Dads are there…to join the thrill with their child. Also most parents get to the arena early enough to actually pick out their child….and banners help.

  59. sarah harris

    I went to the o2 arena in London on the 29th of January 2014. I attend Moredon primary school. It was very good and it was very noisy. I was really tired at the end.

  60. Kirsty and Lottie

    We went to the O2 on the 28th January. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. denise

    i was in young voices at the 16th January it was awesome