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Hi, we’re Boots, Bex, Boxer, Skippy and Ping and we’re the 2009 Juice Crew! Welcome to our Fun Kids Fruit Shoot page!

Last year we were chosen to star in the Fruit Shoot TV ad to show off our special skills and now we’re looking for the next generation Juice Crew with some cool skills to star in this year’s Fruit Shoot ad.

No matter what skills you have, you can try to become part of our Crew.  All you have to do is get practising the skill that makes you special – it could be anything from gymnastics to juggling, break dancing to body popping or even magic tricks, puppetry or Ping Cup!

Read on to find out about the 2009 Juice Crew and how you could audition to be part of the 2010 Juice Crew!


Hi I’m Boxer. My real name is Alvie and I’m 12.

I’ve been beat boxing for as long as I can remember but last year all my practice paid off when I was chosen to star in a TV ad for Fruit Shoot, which meant that I was seen on TV in front of millions of people.

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Hi, I’m Bex.  My real name is Althea and I’m 11.

I’ve been playing football for quite a long time, but when I was eight, I was scouted by Manchester United and now play for their girls team. At the moment I’m their top goal scorer and the only player on the team to score from a free kick! I love playing sports, so if you have a skill you love, why don’t you come down to one of the 2010 auditions and show us your cool skills.

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Hi. I’m Boots.  My real name is Josh and I’m 12.

I started to develop my keepy uppy skills after I went to a Brazillian soccer school two years ago. When I first started playing football I was no different to anyone else. Although I had to practise loads, I can now do 4,000 keepy uppy’s a day and I even get called the UK’s youngest freestyler!

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Hi, I’m Skippy.  My real name is Chloe and I’m 13.

I love skipping and it obviously showed because now I’m part of the British Skipping team and have even qualified to represent the UK in the World Youth Masters 2010. We’re not necessarily looking for the skipping stars of the future- if you’ve got any sort of skill at all then come and let us know. Being part of the Juice Crew  is great fun and it could be you taking part in interviews, photo shoots and making ads!

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Hi, I’m Ping.  My real name is Malachi and I’m 11.

I play Ping Cup, which is where you have to bounce a ping pong ball off different surfaces and hope that it ends up in a cup! With a bit of practice, I was chosen as the Ping Cup king, which proves that practice really does pay off.

[audio:|titles=Ping|artists=Fruit Shoot]

So why not show us why you should be part of the crew!
You can enter online from the 12th March at or head down to one of the regional auditions in the Easter holidays. Keep an eye on the Fruit Shoot website for more details.

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