Listen to our new series – Nancy and the Meerkats!


Nancy-1Nancy and the Meerkats are a brand new pop group that are about to make it big! And in this new series you can follow their journey to the top!

They’ve just got a few things to get sorted before they’ll be taking on the likes of One Direction, Fifth Harmony and even Little Mix!

They have to come up with a logo and register it as a trade mark, use copyright to make sure other bands don’t steal their tunes, protect their records from piracy and loads more important jobs!

These are all very important! Especially as Kitty Perry is always trying to steal Nancy and the Meerkats’ ideas!


You can hear Nancy and the Meerkats’ adventures in the music industry every day at 5pm from Monday (9th) on Fun Kids. And if you miss one, you can catch-up again in iTunes or on the Fun Kids Player.

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Nancy and the Meerkats is supported by the Intellectual Property Office. Click here to find out more!


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