See what happened at the Bin Weevils animation day!

Recently Bin Weevils and Aardman Animation ran a competition where you got to make the next Bin Weevils music video.

To enter, you had to make your own animated video with a Bin Weevil as the star.

There were tonnes of awesome entries but 4 lucky winners were chosen – Emma Barraclough, Kerri Donohoe, Paul Brisley and Will Fennah.

And here’s the pictures of what happened on their day at Aardman Animation, creating the music video for the next Bin Tunes single.

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We can’t wait to see the video and we’ll post it up on as soon as it comes out!

And here’s an awesome compilation of the best entries from the competition…

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Emma’s Diary

On the 30th June, I was chosen to go to Aardman for my BinWeevils animation. I was one lucky person to be chosen after all the entries BinWeevils must have got! I was going to help direct and animate the “So much better with two” music video for the new BinWeevils album.

Once I had got to Aardman, me and my mum looked around. A girl who was my age waved and smiled at me, everyone was really friendly. Pretty soon we went upstairs to the meeting room and watched each others animations. After a nice tour of Aardman, where we saw lots of awesome things – a Wallace talking lift, Gromit Unleashed statues and sets and props from various Aardman projects- it was time to start animating.

Together we all planned a storyboard, divided up jobs and thought what the song really was about. Once we had had a quick tutorial on the fancy Aardman animating equipment, we were ready to start!

We had all brought our models with us; I had brought my clay models. Using stop motion I created a BinWeevils picnic scene for the music video. I had to remember to move my BinWeevils very slowly as we were shooting 25 frames per second! That means that we had to take 25 photos for every second of the final music video!

After we had all done our own individual parts to the video, we all teamed up to create the final, and most exciting, party scene. We put all of our BinWeevils on set and we animated them all together – this was probably the most exciting part of the day. We were then all finished animating, so watched the clips back through…everything looked bin-tastic!

It was the end of the day already and it was so much fun to be part of making a music video. The memories I have of that day will never leave me as I had such a thrilling time.

By Emma B, age 10

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