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Turbo: Interviews with Whiplash and his Pit Crew!


Turbo came out in cinemas a few months back and now it’s almost here on DVD.

So, we’ve got hold of an interview with the star of the movie for you…

1. QUESTION: It ain’t easy for a snail, Whiplash. When did you know the garden life wasn’t for you?

Growing up in Sonoma, I put in my time on the vine. One day I saw a couple turtles drag racing down road and I had an epiphany. If they can race, why can’t I? So I hitched a ride south and never looked back since.

2. QUESTION: Only two kinds of racers exist, fast and slow. All of your crew has some serious moves. What’s your drill to keep everyone in racing form?

I’m crazy. Best coaches always are! Fear is a great motivator. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

3. QUESTION: Speaking of which, when did you discover you all could glide through the air with the greatest of ease? Who was the first to leave the ground?

Who do you think was the first? Whiplash, baby! Sure, I make it look easy now, but that skill to pay the bills comes from years of practice. I took a lot of bad falls. I’ve gone through more shells than I can count.

4. QUESTION: Night after night, you and the crew race for a cheering crowd. What do you consider is your signature move? What makes you the leader of the pack?

My signature move? I call it “The Whiplash”. Only I’m not the one doing it. Everyone else is when they jerk their necks around as I blow by!

5. QUESTION: Every snail on the crew has his or her special look. How would you describe yours? What does it take to be as fast and furious as you?

Hold up, that’s two different questions! You can’t just fuse two questions together and pass it off like its one question! To answer your FIRST question: My look is part muscle/part mollusk. Now as far as question #2 goes: If you wanna be as fast and furious as me, you’ve got to earn my respect. And you can start earning my respect BY ASKING ONE QUESTION AT A TIME!

6. QUESTION: Shell has no fury like the mighty Turbo, though. What caught your eyes when this young speed demon first came your way?

It’s widely known I was the reigning champ on the Starlight circuit before Turbo came on the scene. At first, I admit I was a little taken aback by his freakishly unnatural speed. But when a snail crawls into your life at 200mph, you don’t hold grudges. You grab onto that super powered shell and take the ride of a lifetime!

7. QUESTION: Sometimes friends don’t always want to hear what other friends have to say. How were you able to get Team Turbo together – and stay together?

Sometimes friends need to hear what other friends have to say. And if they don’t want to hear it – then SHOUT IT!!!!

8. QUESTION: You have no problem talking big and living large, Whiplash. But some of us seem a little too comfortable in our shells from time to time. Why do you think it is important for everyone to dream big?

What’s the use of dreaming small??? Might as well not dream at all. Or for that matter, don’t even bother going to sleep! Just stay up all night, get tired and cranky and make everyone hate you ‘cause you’re all bitter and resentful for not having achieved your dreams. Or…dream BIG, sleep great, and have a meaningful, fulfilling life! Your choice.

9. QUESTION: What’s next for the gang? Will we still see you all race locally or is the world just one big racetrack to be won?

We’ll go wherever the wind blows us. Literally. We don’t weigh much.

10. QUESTION: It’s time to wrap this up. The sky’s the limit for all of Team Turbo, but give it to us straight. Crows. Friends or foes?

Now I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear what I clearly just heard;) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Turbo is out on Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray on 10th February from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Click here to get hold of Turbo!


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