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Turbo: Interviews with Whiplash and his Pit Crew!


1. QUESTION: Let’s just start with the question we all want answered, Smoove Move. Those fuzzy dice around your neck, are they the source of your power? Can anyone learn to be smoove like you – or is it in your soul?

Glad you like my fuzz. Those dice, they’ve been rollin’ with me for years. They’re my lucky charm, you dig? But my buttery smooveness? That’s all me, baby!

2. QUESTION: When did your life with the crew begin? What was it about you that caught their attention to be part of the hottest racing team in town?

Whiplash spotted me at a race down in Long Beach back in ‘92. He liked my style and I liked that he liked my style. We’ve been chillin’ together ever since.

3. QUESTION: Those nights on the track look like a lot of fun for your fans and yourselves. What do you feel the minute you know the race is on?

Ain’t nothin’ but a speed thang, babay. Green flag drops, it’s go time!

4. QUESTION: You were already part of this winning team before Turbo joined the group. How has this young speed demon changed everything for everyone?

T-Boogie’s changed the whole game! Before he came along we were cool, but we had more of an underground vibe, know what I’m sayin’? My man Turbo made us legit! We’re big time players now! I have a publicist!

5. QUESTION: You all have a lot of team spirit, even when watching Turbo win the big races. But given the choice, would you rather have the hot speed or the cool smooves?

Don’t mess with what you’ve been blessed with. That’s what my mama taught me. I’m S-to-the-M-to-the-double- O-V-E! Wouldn’t change that for the world! Preach.



1. QUESTION: Hey there, Number 13! It must be a real thrill when you and the team are burning shell on the track. What do you think about when the race is on and everyone is cheering?

First off, my name is Skidmark! Got it?!! Actually, on second thought, Number 13 may be a better name.

2. QUESTION: You’re such a cool shade of blue, Skidmark. What else makes you stand tall in such a colorful group of friends?

I got weird eyes, homie! I can psych out my opponents just by staring at them. Check it out… I’m psyching you out right now… Ohhhhyeeah! I win!!!

3. QUESTION: It isn’t easy letting newbies into such a close group, but what made Turbo special to you all? What’s the name you want now after watching him burn up the track?

Just thinking about Turbo makes me a little emotional. He’s done so much for us—ohhh here come the tears (sniffle, sniffle)… Do you have any tiny tissues?

(Skidmark takes a moment, then returns)

In answer to your question, I’d like to rename myself something in Turbo’s honor, like Turbette. What? That’s a girl’s name? Oh man!

4. QUESTION: We watch you and the crew defy gravity without showing any fear. How did you know it was time to lift off and fly?

I’m a snail. I don’t know how to tell time. White Shadow just jumps and we fly. Next question.

5. QUESTION: What’s your best advice for anyone out there who really wants to live life in the fast lane?

My advice? Stop living life in the slow lane. It’s just common sense. Duh.



1. QUESTION: Burn, baby Burn! As the only girl in the crew, what’s your secret in keeping those boys on track?

I chew a lot of gum. I’ve also got giant flames that shoot out of my exhaust pipes. Those boys don’t tend to give me trouble.

2. QUESTION: To hot sauce or not. Burn. What’s the secret to your special brand of heat, girl?

There are 4 secret ingredients to my heat: sizzle, sizzle, uh, uh!

3. QUESTION: Quite a few gals out there are eager to know how to show the boys a thing or two about winning races. What is your advice for the ladies out there looking to feel the “Burn,” too? How can they take their spot in the winner’s circle?

Boys are so busy lookin’ out for other boys, they don’t see me coming until it’s too late!

4. QUESTION: So much happened once Turbo joined the crew. You got your own special Boo once his big brother Chet settled into the right speed with you all. How are things going? Still coasting along?

Coasting and boasting. Me and my Boo, we’ve got the sizzle. But Chetty’s easily embarrassed so I try to keep the PDA’s (public displays of affection) on the down low.

5. QUESTION: What do you want the world to know about Turbo and the crew? What makes them the most amazing show in town?

Our crew’s got heat! And to anyone out there who wants to challenge us, I’ve got one thing to say… When you play with fire, prepare to get BURNED!!!



1. QUESTION: Hello. Mr. Shadow? Mr. Shadow? Oh, there you are. Do you ever worry about getting lost in a crowd? Do you ever want to stand out in this colorful group?

I prefer to remain needlessly mysterious.

2. QUESTION: The race is on. What do you see? What’s your goal? What does it take to be a winner for you?

Woah. That’s a lot of questions.

3. QUESTION: If you could be any other type of racer, snail or otherwise, what would be your choice? Or is being the White Shadow exactly who you want to be?

Would you ask Superman if he’d like to be any other type of superhero?? No! Because Superman’s awesome – just like me. White Shadow!

4. QUESTION: Turbo has changed racing forever. You may be little, but what’s your biggest dream still to come true?

I’d like to have a burrito named after me. They could call it the White Shadorrito!

5. QUESTION: Oh and the by way, we can still see you. You know that, right?

You see exactly what I allow you to see. Wrap your brain parts around that! White Shadowwwww…


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