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X Factor’s Union J singer JJ Hamblett is having a baby (he’s older than you think!)


So, first things first, who knew that JJ Hamblett from Union J was as old as he is? We thought he was like between 14 and 16, but turns out he’s actually 25!

So all the other lads are young and enjoy a nice cold ice cream whilst watching Spongebob Squarepants. But JJ’s been thinking about more grown-up things like starting a family!

He announced the other day that he’s going to be having a baby. Yes. A real life baby.

Who saw that coming? No one! That’s how we know Dynamo’s not actually magic, otherwise he could have predicted that.

What do you think JJ should call his kid? Let us know in the comment box below.

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  • Ciabatta said:

    If its a girl Ciara or Thalia and if its a boy then Luke or Daniel

  • erika bell said:

    i think if it is a boy they should name it after one of the boys and if it is a girl name it after a fan and by the way im a massive fan good luck xxxx JJ and Cat xxxx

  • Pav said:

    So happy for JJ and Caterina! #BabyHamblett

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