Dinosaur Facts from Dinosaurology!

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dinosaurology-coverThere is a brand new book in the popular Ology series out, called Dinosaurology!

It follows follows young adventurer Raleigh Rimes, who in 1907 is said to have discovered a land where dinosaurs still roam!

Dinosaurology is filled with flaps and booklets full of amazing dinosaur facts, along with special items such as a sample of dinosaur skin and a pouch of ground stegosaurus horn!

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And to give you a taste, we’ve collect ten of our favourite dinosaur facts! Just click play on any of them below:

Tyrnannosaurus Rex [audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/99/get.php?web=podcast-2013-09-02-77990.mp3] Pterosaur [audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/99/get.php?web=podcast-2013-09-02-77709.mp3]
Sauropods [audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/99/get.php?web=podcast-2013-09-02-77124.mp3] Velociraptors [audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/99/get.php?web=podcast-2013-09-02-77352.mp3]
Stereocephalus [audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/99/get.php?web=podcast-2013-09-02-78175.mp3] Terrible Lizards! [audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/99/get.php?web=podcast-2013-09-02-76543.mp3]
Flying Dinosaurs [audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/99/get.php?web=podcast-2013-09-02-77513.mp3] Giant Turtles [audio:http://podcasts.funkidslive.com/podcasts/99/get.php?web=podcast-2013-09-02-77869.mp3]

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