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Win an iPad Mini with Earth To Echo


Out in cinemas from July 25th, make sure you check out the new summer adventure Earth To Echo.

Earth To EchoIt’s all about best friends Tuck, Munch, Alex and Emma who start receiving cryptic signals on their mobile phones to a secret location.

After cracking the code they end up discovering Echo, a mysterious alien from another planet!

Now stranded on Earth hundreds of million lightyears away from its planet and wanted by the government, these kids are Echo’s only hope to return home.

Check out the trailer for Earth To Echo here:

Earth To Echo is out in cinemas from July 25th. Click here to find out more

ipad-miniNow we need your help! Echo has left us a message but the code has been scrambled and some of the words are missing!

Track down the missing codewords hidden across the Fun Kids website to solve Echo’s message. And to say thanks for your code-cracking skills, you’ll stand a chance of winning an iPad Mini!

(PSST… we’ve heard one of the words might be hidden on the Games page!)

Here’s what we have of Echo’s message so far:


Have you solved it?


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