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Childrenā€™s Multimedia Guide to Tate Modern
Tate Modern, Levels 3 and 5
Available daily from the Information Desk on Level 2 and on Level 3
Ā£4 (Ā£3.50 concessions), for 5 years and over

Tateā€™s fun and interactive childrenā€™s multimedia guide is a fantastic way to bring the art in the galleries to life. Listen to music, watch video clips and play games that help you find out more about some of the most family-friendly art works on display

Family Events at Tate Modern

  • Start: Weekend SessionsĀ Ā  Every Saturday and Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00
  • Start: At Half-termĀ Ā  Thursday 28 October ā€“ Friday 29 October 2010

Visit Anytime

  • Family ZoneĀ Ā  Available anytime during gallery hoursĀ Ā  free
  • Children’s Multimedia Guide to Tate ModernĀ Ā  Available anytime during gallery hours
  • Tate Modern Family ResourcesĀ Ā  Any timeĀ Ā  free

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