Have you seen Google’s secret Easter Eggs?

Find out about these cool tips and tricks below!

Did you know there’s a bunch of cool easter eggs in google?

If you type in ‘askew’ into google search, the normal results come up as expected but with a twist…

The web browser will be slanted to one side, as if it was askew!

If you type in ‘do a barrel roll’ then the whole page will spin around!

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There’s loads more Easter Eggs hidden in google as well! Did you know…

  • If you google ‘Pacman’, you’ll be able to play a full game of Pacman!
  • You can also search ‘Snake’ and you’ll be able to play a full game of Snake too!
  • Search in the word ‘Anagram’, and google will make an anagram out of the word!
  • Do you love fidget spinners? So does google! Type in ‘Spinner’ and a fidget spinner will appear on the screen that you can use!
  • Search in ‘Blink HTML’ to see some of the words on your page blink!
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