Squirrel’s need bridges too!

Find out more about how these American squirrels get around...

Did you know that there is a bridge that is built especially for squirrels?

This very small bridge is based in Washington DC in America, and the citizens even decorated it for Christmas!

The bridge is a treetop bridge, and it goes above a busy road. It aims to help the squirrels get from one side of the road to the other safely to avoid the cars!

It is called The Nutty Narrows Bridge!

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There’s even more to discover about squirrels! Did you know…

  • Squirrels can easily find their buried food by following its scent. They can even find food buried beneath a foot of snow!
  • When they are being hunted, they run away in a zigzag pattern to confuse the predators!
  • They put on extra weight in the winter so they can stay warmer during the winter months
  • Their forgotten acorns in the ground turn into big, healthy oak trees!
  • Some squirrels can even fly! Flying squirrels are a special breed of squirrel that is able to glide through the air due to their extra skin that they use for wings
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Check out this cool video of flying squirrels in action!

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