What’s the Cookie Monster’s real name?

Read below to find out!

The Cookie Monster hasn’t always been known as The Cookie Monster…

His real name is actually Sid!

Sid was given the nickname Cookie Monster when he ate his very first cookie, and it’s stuck ever since!

Do you think the other characters like Big Bird and Count Von Count have real names too?

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There are even more surprising facts about the rest of the Sesame Street gang…

  • The show was nearly called 123 Avenue, but they had to change the title when it was discovered this was already a place!
  • The Sesame Street and Star Wars worlds collided! C-3PO and R2-D2 visited the neighbourhood!
  • Over 500 celebrities have also visited Sesame Street, some of them include: One Direction, Beyonce and Katy Perry!
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If you love Sesame Street just as much as we do, then you can listen to when the stars of the show came in for an interview to the Fun Kids studio!

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