Why do dolphins shut down half of their brain when asleep?

The reason why is pretty clever...

Did you know that dolphins shut down one half of their brain whenever they go to sleep?

This means that they can keep one eye out for any predators while they rest. They can also take in more oxygen from the surface of the water and maintain body heat too!

Shutting off half of their brain when they sleep also means that they can stay alert and active for 15 days at a time

They switch each side after a couple of hours to make sure that both half’s are fully rested!

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There’s even more to discover about dolphins! Did you know…

  • Dolphins are thought of as the dogs of the sea because they are usually playful and friendly
  • According to scientists, there are 45 types of dolphin – 5 of these being river dolphins!
  • They communicate with each other by clicking and whistling
  • Dolphins live in groups called schools or pods that have up to 12 dolphins and is led by a female dolphin
  • They use the blowhole on the top of heir heads to breathe
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