Why do pirates wear eye patches?

It's not because they're missing an eye!

If, like us, you thought that pirates wear eye patches because they’re missing an eye then you are mistaken!

Pirates actually wore eye patches to help them see better in the dark!

Our eyes take quite a while to adjust properly from light to dark – up to 25 minutes in fact! So pirates kept an eye patch over one eye at all times so they were already adjusted.

Whenever a pirate went below deck, they would just change their eye patch over and voila! They could see in the dark!

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Here’s some more fun facts that you probably didn’t know about pirates!

  • The skull and crossbones flag at the top of the pirate ship is called The Jolly Roger
  • They didn’t always bury their treasure right away! Pirates wanted to take their own share of their loot beforehand
  • Each pirate ship had their own set of rules and code, including who had to do what chores and what was expected of everyone on deck
  • Blackbeard was the most famous and most feared pirate of all
  • Pirates actually did have pet parrots! They served as a status symbol and were seen as exotic
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