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Spying Tips

Jill Marshall, the author of the Jane Blonde stories gives some great tips about reading someone’s body language on the Jane Blonde website.  Find out how to tell whether someone is lying with her spy masterclass.

Develop a secret code with a friend; write the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper and beneath each letter write a special symbol.  Use the symbols instead of the real letters to pass messages to each other.

Tracking is a valuable skill to learn if you are on a secret mission outdoors.  Make arrows out of twigs or stone to show the direction to follow.

It can be good practice for budding spies to be observant – why not see how good you are at remembering what you have seen by playing Kim’s Game? Put some objects on a table and after a minute of observing, cover them with a towel and try to remember all of them.  It is harder if you haven’t chosen the items yourself!

Even if you don’t play this game you can test your observation skills by keeping your eyes and ears open – if you see a car number plate or an interesting stranger before lunchtime can you still describe them at bedtime?  What colour were their shoes?  Did they carry a bag or have a walking stick?  Were they taller than your teacher at school?