Alphablocks Reading Programme

Support your little one through their first year of learning to read!

Would you like to support your child’s reading? Do you need some help with phonics?


The Alphablocks Reading Programme is an exciting learning package designed to support your child as they begin reading and mirroring everything they learn during their first year of discovering phonics.

The 15 magazines are engaging and easy-to-follow, and will take you both on an exciting journey from meeting the first letter sounds to reading with confidence!

Plus there’s plenty of fun to be had along the way, with stories, stickers, gold reward stars, colouring, games and lots more. 

The Alphablocks Reading Programme is inspired by the popular CBeebies show and has been developed by the show’s creator, Joe Elliot and the expert team behind the successful Alphablocks magazine.

The programme supports reading throughout the Reception year (age 4-5), and is also the ideal way to give younger children a great foundation. It’s available online now for just £29.99!

Have fun learning together!



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