Benjamin Bunny

Meet Benjamin Bunny from Peter Rabbit Magazine!

ptr13Name: Benjamin Bunny

Favourite food: Strawberries, or maybe cake, or perhaps yummy radishes… It’s so hard to choose a favourite, but Benjamin’s tummy alarm usually helps out!

Enemies: Mr. Tod the sneaky fox, Old Brown, the grumpy old owl who doesn’t take kindly to being woken up when he’s snoozing and Tommy Brock who once tried to turn him into some fluffy slippers!

Favourite hiding place: Benjamin loves the secret treehouse in the sky high Squirrel Camp. But he does NOT enjoy the journey up in the lift… It’s really, really high up!

Skill: Benjamin often gets scared on adventures with Peter and Lily. But, when his friends really need him he never lets them down, as long he reminds himself that “rabbits are brave.”

Benjamin Bunny is now starring in Peter Rabbit Magazine! It’s full of fun, games and colouring to encourage readers to get outdoors and experience nature.

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