Mr. Tod

Meet Mr. Tod from Peter Rabbit Magazine!

ptr13Name: Mr. Tod

Favourite food: Roast rabbit or roast duck with all the trimmings.

Where he lives (watch out!): Tod’s lair is in the base of a very large turned-up tree trunk deep in the woods. He’s a house-proud fox who is particular about the décor of his home despite its faded elegance and always keeps it neat and tidy.

Pet peeves: Having to chase those naughty rabbits; running is SO undignified!

Skills: Sniffing out rabbits…and looking dapper.

Trivia: Mr. Tod is constantly trying to catch Peter and his friends and sometimes he succeeds, but they always manage to outsmart him and get away.

Mr. Tod is now starring in Peter Rabbit Magazine! It’s full of fun, games and colouring to encourage readers to get outdoors and experience nature.

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