A to Z of Wildlife: C is for… Cricket!

Hearing this raspy noise is meant to be lucky!

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C is for

Crickets are a bit like grasshoppers, and they make their distinctive noise by “strigilating“.  Hearing this raspy noise is meant to be lucky!

The antennae on a cricket’s head are called feelers!

There are around nine-hundred species of crickets! Crickets chirp at different rates according to the species and to the temperature of their environment

They have to eat between 10 and 30% of their bodyweight each day – that is like a 10 year old eating 15 loaves of bread!  They can also can jump to to 20 times their own length.

Get up close and personal with a cricket thanks to this great YouTube video!

Wild Challenge!  How high can you jump?  Why not test yourself against your friends?

Picture from Flickr.

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