A to Z of Wildlife: G is for… Grizzly Bear

Grizzlies are the second largest bear in the world


Can you roar like a bear?  Rawr!

Grizzlies are the second largest bear in the world, (the largest is the Polar bear). 

They eat mostly vegetables but are also brilliant at fishing.  They also spend a whopping 6 months of the year hibernating in their cosy dens.

Grizzlies are often dark brown, but can vary from very light cream to black.

Historically, there were around 50,000 grizzly bears in North America. Today, there are an estimated 1,800 grizzly bears remaining in five populations in the lower 48 states.

And while Fun Kids would never recommend getting cosy with these big beasts, some people have managed to get close in the past… In this video, watch a man get very close to some of these great animals!

Wild Challenge!  Why not build yourself a snug den with duvets and pillows?

Picture from Flickr.