A to Z of Wildlife: I is for… Iguana!

Iguana's are cold-blooded they need the sun's heat to stay warm


Iguanas are reptiles and look a bit like big lizards.

As they are cold-blooded they need the sun’s heat to stay warm and to get energy – so they are literally solar powered!

They lay eggs, and one species can lay up to 40 eggs at one time.  Marine Iguanas can also dive for over an hour.

Iguanas are social creatures that eat and live together. Male iguanas are very territorial, though, and will fight other encroaching male iguanas. It is easy to identify male iguanas that are not dominant. They have broken and stubby spines that were damaged in battles with more dominant iguanas, according to the San Diego Zoo.

Since they don’t need to actively hunt for their food, iguanas are very laid back creatures. Iguanas typically spend their days lounging in the sun to keep warm and from time to time they will get up for a snack. The green iguana will forage in the same spot every day.

Wild Challenge!  Why not find out how much solar power you would need to boil a kettle?

Picture from Flickr.