A to Z of Wildlife: M is for… Moth

There are over 165,000 species of moth


Moths are very closely related to butterflies and there are over 165,000 species many of which have funny names.  Some of these names are “the Dagger“, “Monkey Slug“, “the Dog Faced” or “the Dried Currant“. 

Moths only come out at night but are attracted to lights so you may have seen them.

Their markings can be beautiful and come in many different shapes and colours.

Moths outnumber butterflies, their nearest relative, by more than 10 to 1! There are upward of 11,000 moth species in the United States alone — that’s more than all the bird and mammal species in North America combined.

While some moths suck nectar, others don’t eat at all. The adult Luna moth, for instance, doesn’t even have a mouth. After it emerges from its cocoon, it lives for about a week. Its sole mission in life? To lay eggs!

Wild Challenge!  Can you draw a beautiful patterned moth?

Picture from Flickr.