A to Z of Wildlife: P is for… Piranha!

These fish can be super scary!


They may not be big, but these fish are super scary!

Piranhas are a shimmery gold and green colour with a red underbelly, and travel in groups called shoals.

Although they mostly eat insects fish and seeds, their teeth are sharp enough to bite through steel and in a shoal can strip a carcass in minutes – even one as big as a horse.

Some people love piranhas so much that they keep them as pets! Because of this, piranhas have shown up in waterways around the globe from Great Britain to China to Texas! It’s legal to own a piranha in some areas, but obviously never a good idea to release them into the wild…

Despite their flesh-eating reputation, some piranhas are omnivorous, eating more seeds than meat, and some even subsist on plants alone.

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