A to Z of Wildlife: R is for… Rhino!

Rhinos can weigh over 3 tons


These huge animals can weigh over 3 tons – more than a minibus!  They live in the open grassland in Africa.  You can tell the White Rhinos from the Black ones as the White Rhinos have square lips and the Black Rhinos have pointy lips.

Rhinos are very rare as they are hunted for their horns. The horns are made of Keratin which is actually just the same stuff as your hair and fingernails are made of.

Rhinoceros have thick, sensitive skin, but it can be quite sensitive to sunburns and insect bites which is why they like wallow so much – when the mud dries it acts as protection from the sunburns and insects.

Relative to their large body size, rhinoceros have small brains… But this doesn’t mean they are stupid!

Wild Challenge!  Can you remember what the difference is between a White and a Black Rhino?

Picture from Flickr.