A to Z of Wildlife: V is for Vole!

Voles are excellent swimmers


The Vole looks like a mouse, but its muzzle is more blunt and rounded, tail is shorter and ears are smaller.

Vole can be a strict herbivore or an omnivore, depending on the species. It eats different types of seed, nuts, berries, tubers, tree bark, leaves, fungi, insects and snails.

Vole is mainly active during the night (nocturnal). Certain species are more active during the day during the winter period (due to decreased amount of food).

Voles are excellent swimmers. Species of voles that live near the water can survive periodical tides and flooding thanks to ability to swim and to climb to the nearby vegetations. Voles can also dive.

The Water Vole has short fur and lives in holes near to rivers which are lined with grass. You can sometimes hear them as they make a “plopping” noise when they dive into the water.

The character in Wind in The Willows called “Ratty” was actually a Vole.

Wild Challenge!  Why not take a walk along a riverbank with an adult to see what other wildlife there is?

Picture from Flickr.