About Amy’s Aviation

Learn all about the world of aviation with Amy!

One of the strangest things for a human to do is fly… we don’t have beaks and we certainly don’t have wings, so how do we manage to get in the air?

Luckily Amy Aviation is here to explain all!

In every series, Amy takes us all over the place and teaches us all about aeroplanes and how they work!

In the latest series, she’s taking us on a tour of the UK to find out about our aircraft heritage!

Hear Amy Aviation’s UK Tour on Fun Kids every evening this week at 5 p.m.

She also teaches us some really cool stuff like how pilots are able to land planes so smoothly at such fast speeds, and what happens when it’s too icy to fly!

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You can watch the animated series of Amy’s Aviation on YouTube or download the audio series on your phone or tablet so you can listen whenever you like – at home or in the car!

Amy's Aviation: Kids Guide to Airplanes & Airports

The podcast that discovers how airplanes fly and what goes on behind-the-scenes at airports


Amy Aviation’s British Aeronautics, with support from the Royal Aeronautical Society!


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