BAE Systems, the Red Arrows, and Typhoon jets!

They make airplanes!

Amy Aviation is on a tour of the UK, visiting places well-known for their connection with UK aeronautics!

Today she’s in Preston in Lancashire! It’s a region where you’ll find some of the coolest new technology relating to aircraft.

BAE Systems is a massive aerospace technology company with bases all across the UK.

It designs, manufactures and supports combat and training aircraft for customers around the world. Preston is home to the central assembly facility for the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Hawk – that’s the aircraft used by the Red Arrows.

You might have seen an image of the F35 Lightning… It’s a new stealthy, multi-role attack aircraft that’s capable of operating from both land and sea.

BAE’s experience with the Harrier jump jet – a plane that could take off vertically and land virtually anywhere, has helped develop the technology in the F-35.

In Preston the aft fuselage and vertical and horizontal tails – effectively the rear section of the F35 – are built using robotic technology to manufacture the component parts from titanium and aluminium!

Don’t forget to look out for the Typhoon and Red Arrow Hawks when you‘re next at an Air Show!

Amy Aviation’s British Aeronautics, with support from the Royal Aeronautical Society!


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