Amy’s Aviation: Auto Pilot

Autopilot: Top 5 Facts

Autopilot has made things quite a lot easier for human pilots! Every large commercial plane has autopilot now and it’s really important to a smooth flight!

Here’s 5 facts about Autopilot:

1. It’s not just for planes!

Autopilot was first used on a boat, not a plane. In 1920 an oil tanker called J.A. Moffet was controlled by a basic autopilot.

Now autopilots are used in cars, boats and trucks.

2. It’s a record breaker!

In 1933 the first person to fly around the world solo – Wiley Post – used the autopilot to help make his journey easier.

3. It’s not all just flying in a straight line you know!

Autopilots aren’t just used so the pilot can put his feet up.

In space shuttles autopilot is important as it corrects the shuttle when it is hit by meteorites!

4. But surely the autopilot doesn’t take off?

Not only does autopilot fly the plane in the air, it now takes-off and lands the plane!

5. Autopilot is safe!

Autopilots are completely safe.

If anything were to go wrong, there is an override button the human pilot can press to take control of the plane.


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