Amy’s Aviation: The Spitfire

Spitfire : Top 5 Facts

1) The Spitfire was the main front line fighter in World War 2. It was so good, that after the war it was used for a couple of decades.

2) The spitfire was used for short ranged, quick attacks on other planes or bases. It had 8 browning machine guns so was mainly used in dog fights.

3) The planes engines are Rolls Royce Merlins or Griffons which made the planes super quick reaching its highest speeds of 606 miles per hour.

4) There are now 47 airworthy spitfires left, although they buried crates of the planes unassembled after the war in order to get rid of the waste of overproduced planes.

5) Due to the shape of the spitfires wings it was able to reach higher speeds than most planes including the Hurricane.

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