The New Fiver with the Bank of England

Find out all about the new Polymer fiver with the Bank of England!

I expect you know all about five-pound notes.

Maybe you are lucky enough to get one for your pocket money or perhaps you’ve used them when out and about shopping.

At the moment they look a little bit like this…


Well, here’s something you might not know – last year the Bank of England printed a whopping 440 million five pound polymer notes.

Paper notes have been around for hundred of years. However, they easily get ripped and tatty, and tend not to last that long!

The Bank of England periodically changes the design of bank notes– sometimes to include new characters and also to introduce new security features to make it harder for people to copy money – something known as counterfeiting.

This year, the Bank of England is introducing a new fiver – and one with quite a big difference.


The new fiver will be really hard to fake – in part because it’s made of Polymer – that’s a type of plastic!

Now plastic money might sound like something you play with – not spend. But there’s a stack of great reasons for using polymer bank notes. They’re really hard to fake, they stay cleaner for longer and are much stronger than paper notes.


The new fiver is a bit smaller than the paper ones we use at the moment and comes with some cool security bits.

As well as a picture of the Queen on the front of the note, there’s also a large see through window in which you can see a portrait of the Queen and the words “£5 Bank of England” printed around the edge. And below this window is a silver foil patch with the word “Five” on it.

Now when you tilt the note, the word “Five” changes to “Pounds” and a multi-coloured rainbow effect can be seen.

On the back of the note is Winston Churchill – the famous prime minister who led the country during the second world war!

So keep your eyes peeled and you could be checking the new fivers out for yourself soon – well, before you spend one!

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