Security features on the new £10 note: How to detect fake £10 notes and make sure your new £10 note is real!

Could it be the most secure bank note in the world?

You’ve probably seen – and bought things! – with the new £5 notes but did you know that from this autumn, the £10 notes are getting a makeover too?

They’re going to be made of the same plastic – or polymer – like the fiver. The new £10 note also comes with lots of very cool new features!

You might not think that bank notes are very high tech but they’ve got lots of clever, hidden features.

The more detail that’s on a bank note, the harder it is to fake.

The new polymer notes use holograms. On the ten pound, the hologram changes from ‘ten’ to ‘pounds’. There’s also the same 3D crown as the fiver – if you turn the note over, behind the crown is a book shaped copper foil with the initials JA.

The ten pound has a clear plastic window with a metallic foil image of Winchester Cathedral, where Jane Austen is buried.

Find out more about Jane Austen!

On top of all this, the polymer ten pound has a brand new feature – on the front of the new notes, there are two clusters of raised dots to help blind and partially sighted people identify it as a ten pound note.

When the twenty pound note gets its makeover, it will have a different pattern of raised dots to help people know which note they’re holding.

Keep your eyes peeled and from 14 September you could be checking the new ten pound note out for yourself!

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