Being Able to see Danger

Solve these dilemmas with Bene and Mal!

Imagine having a chip in your brain that would tell you when you’re approaching danger.

Us humans already have lots of things to help us react to danger.

Chemicals like adrenaline flash about your body to help you move quickly, and your senses are already faster than a speeding bullet.


Avoiding danger is ALWAYS a good thing,

But an extra chip might mean you got a warning before you even got near to the danger.


Before you left home it could say “a massive tree is gonna fall on you today, better take a crash helmet”.

Chips and machines can go wrong.

How annoying would it be to have a chip going off all the time when there wasn’t any danger?

How would they get the chip in?  Would you need an operation?  And how would you charge it up?  Sounds a bit risky!

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