Being Taller

Solve these dilemmas with Bene and Mal!

Imagine the things you could do if you could choose your height!

If we could choose how tall we were, we could choose to be as tall as a tower block.

It would take no time to get to school with legs as long as football pitches.


It might be a bit hard finding trousers to fit, but there are some benefits.

Sometimes people don’t want to be THAT tall though, they just want to be as tall as their friends.


Feeling different can make you feel a bit sad.  So if you could choose your height, well problem solved!

But sometimes sad feelings are complicated!  Why should you change your body just to fit in?


Do you know it’s actually possible to make people a bit taller already?

Doctors can help children catch up if they’re much shorter than their friends.

It’s not easy though and can mean taking medicines or having surgery which can be painful.

Surgery can be risky and you’d need to know how it would make you feel.

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