Plugging Your Brain Online

Solve these dilemmas with Bene and Mal!

Could everyone have an implant that allows to you instant access to the internet?

Whenever you needed to look up something, it would simply appear in your head!


You could get your homework done in record time, find out how to fix the car in an instant if your dad has a breakdown, or learn a foreign language before you’d even booked your holiday.

Doctors could use it in emergencies to save lives, and saving lives is ALWAYS a good thing.

Learning might be hard work though. The more we use our brains, the more they can do.  But if you’re relying on instant brain downloads, how do you know the information is correct – what if someone hacked you with duff information?  Or could see your thoughts whilst they were in there?


How would you know if someone was using their brain to download the internet during a test?  That would be annoying if you had studied the hard way!

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