Can I still ride a bike on my period? Can I still go swimming on my period? Can I still play football or have a sleepover on my period? YES! Kids guide to periods and growing up, with support from bettybox!

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You’ve probably got a bunch of things you like doing – it’s cool to have hobbies and to take part in activities with your mates!

So… what happens when you’ve got your period? Does life have to grind to a halt?

Uh, NO!

Can you still ride a bike when you’re on your period? Of course! Can you still go for a swim? Easy!

There’s femcare options for all sorts of activities. What about a dance class – all that moving around – how’s that gonna work?

It’ll work pretty much the same way as it usually does! You can choose pads or tampons which won’t get in the way of a big finale.

So maybe you’re in the school football team. Big match on Saturday. But uh oh you’ve got your period. Are you gonna be stuck the benches?

No excuses! What about a sleepover when you’re on your period? Would it be safer to stay at home to avoid a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!

Don’t be daft! There’s no need to miss out on fun with your friends. Just pack your normal femcare and get snoozing!

So you can see there’s no reason to stop doing all the things you like, just because you’ve got your period.

Get tooled up with the right femcare and get out there!

And just remember it’s normal to have loads of questions about growing up but that’s OK. There are lots of people you can ask, and even if you’re shy why not check out the information available online at

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