How to feel comfortable and take care of yourself when you have a period. Kids guide to periods and growing up, with support from bettybox!

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We’re all different – and periods affect us in different ways at different times of the month. I’ll give you the low down.

With periods we call the monthly process your cycle. How you’ll feel can depend on where you are in the cycle.

We call it your cycle because there’s a repeating pattern of changes each month.

Your body uses hormones to trigger the changes and hormones can change your mood – making you feel happier or sadder than normal. So don’t panic if you’re wondering why video with the lonely puppy is suddenly making you cry.

It can be a good idea to keep a note of how you feel at different times in your cycle – that way you can know what to expect and get ready to be super kind to yourself at those times.

During the period itself some people find the lower part of their tummy feels a bit achy. Having a hot bath or using hot water bottles can really help here.

In fact hot baths are an epic way to look after yourself – it’s really important to keep clean and what better way than with a ton of bubbles?

You might find your skin changes at different times of the month, maybe you feel more spotty at those times.

Eating tons of healthy fruit and veg is gonna help you feel your best too – although I personally think a bit of chocolate goes a long way too… but that’s just me.

Think about what makes you feel good! Your body is super powerful– and you’ve got the power to look after yourself too – it’s all part of the awesome process of growing up.

And here’s a thing – if you’re finding your period is making you really uncomfortable, or you are finding you’re getting mood changes that are getting in the way of you being fabulous, don’t panic. Ask for help!

There are stacks of ways to manage difficult symptoms so you don’t need to suffer in silence.

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