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You probably talk to your friends and family about all sorts of things, from what the weather’s gonna be doing tomorrow to whether there’s a chance your maths teacher will be abducted by aliens before your big test…

But you MIGHT be wondering how you talk to the people you know about periods.

Here’s the thing. It’s your body and so it’s totally your choice what you tell people – and what you don’t.

Think about your family. Sometimes it might be helpful to chat to your parents or relatives – especially if you’re waiting for your periods to start.

They’ll be able to help you to prepare. If the thought of talking to relatives makes you feel weird, that’s okay too. It’s OK to be private.

So what about your friends and the people in your class? You might be thinking they’ll all be able to tell if you’re on your period.

Well, it’s pretty unlikely. It’s not like an alarm goes off!

You might find that mates are curious to know if you’ve started your periods or not. If it’s a cool conversation with your friends, and you’re comfortable then why not join in? It can be great to share experiences.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about periods, it’s absolutely fine to just say nothing, or that you’d just don’t want to talk about it.

Sometimes it can feel a BIT like a competition but it’s not one you have to join in!

You can get great advice in other places too – why not try the library, or see what’s online?

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