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You may feel like you’re clued up about your period – but here’s some things you might not know…

Menstrual blood has been thought to have special powers – from curing the plague to making love potions – and even warding off evil spirits!

And I bet you didn’t know that there’s a Bollywood movie all about periods – it’s called PADMAN and tells the true life story of an inventor who came up with a cheap way for women to make their own pads.

Check this out – you might be waiting for your very first period, but the average woman has around FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY periods in her lifetime.

That’s a lot of tampons!

And if you think that’s weird – Stone Age Women would only have had about 50 – but before you get too jel, just remember that everyone died much younger too!

Even if you’ve got a really heavy flow chances are you only lose about three to five tablespoons of blood during your period.

And finally – The word for Tampon comes from a French word

So what does it mean in French? Basically…. Plug.

Growing up is awesome and it’s TOTALLY normal to have loads of questions – but that’s OK.

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