What’s a period? Kids guide to periods and growing up, with support from bettybox!

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Let’s be honest, it would be PRE-TTY boring if things never changed.

However, some changes are much bigger and much more exciting than others. Like starting your period!

Now maybe you don’t know much about periods. That’s OK. Maybe you don’t know anything at all! That’s still OK!

Here’s the low down…

Periods are something which only affect girls and women – which means means half the world’s population, so if that’s you – you’re in good company!

They usually start when you’re between 8 and 13 years old. Every month an egg is released from an ovary.

The eggs are smaller than a pinhead and your ovaries are inside your lower tummy near to your uterus –your uterus that’s the place where a baby can grow.

Each month the lining of the uterus gets thicker, but when the egg arrives, if it isn’t making a baby then the lining will fall away.

This lining pretty much just looks like brown or red blood – it can be runny or thick and it can take a few days to pass but really don’t worry – it’s what’s meant to happen, and doesn’t mean you’ve hurt yourself.

THAT is the bit we call your period.

It’s something which will happen around every 28 days.

So – having your very first period can be pre-tty exciting, and a sign that amazing changes are happening inside your body.

Don’t forget, it’s normal to have loads of questions about growing up and that’s OK.

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