Who can I talk to about periods? Kids guide to periods and growing up, with support from bettybox!

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Starting your period is a pretty big change and it’s totally normal to have a bunch of questions. So – who can you ask?

There’s a TON of people out there who can help you. Lemme give you some ideas.

First up – What about your mum? She probably knows you better than anyone else. Now if you’ve got a bunch of brothers and sisters it can be hard to get to get some private time alone with her…

Rather than trying to catch her on the go, ask if you can have some time – kinda make an appointment for a chat at a time when you won’t be interrupted.

Next up – sisters! Not everyone’s got a big sister – and even if you HAVE one, maybe she’s the last person you’d ask for help.

But hey – look at it this way – Periods might be something you have in common. Maybe it’s a start of a new cool relationship.

Now your friends might be the obvious choice to talk to – but I get it – it’s not always that easy. If you have started your periods but they haven’t – or if YOU’RE the one still waiting, you just might feel awkward – and that’s OK too.

Now all the people I’ve mentioned are female – that doesn’t mean your dad, or brothers or friends who are boys can’t help – they might not have periods themselves but they could be just the right person for a download.

What’s important is choosing someone you feel comfortable with. In fact – that includes even your pet cat.

If the thought of talking to ANYONE freaks you out – don’t worry, that’s pretty normal.

And even if you’re shy why not check out the information available online at betty.me… or maybe you could be the one to give advice to someone else!

Growing up – with support from betty.me.

betty understand the struggles that come with growing up and they’re here to help!

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