Will anybody know if I’m on my period? Your questions answered! Kids guide to periods and growing up, with support from bettybox!

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You might have tons of questions about periods but maybe you’re a LITTLE BIT embarrassed to ask – so we’re gonna help you out!

The first question is “will people know if I’m on your period?” The only way they’ll DEFINITELY know is if you tell them, it’s not like there will be announcements about it in the supermarket…

Right now, millions of women and girls will be having their periods and I bet YOU couldn’t tell either!

Next up something that a lot of girls might worry about – “what if the pad or tampon leaks?”

Pads and tampons are designed to keep you clean and dry to prevent leaks.

Some pads are thicker than others so if you’re worried – why not choose a thicker type? Pads and tampons come in a variety of different sizes and shapes and it can be a great idea to experiment with a few until you find the right fit and thickness for you.

And carrying spare pads is always a great idea in case your flow is heavier than usual.

Here’s another really common worry – “does it smell when you have your period?”

As you grow up its even more important to shower or bathe every day, and it’s definitely a great idea to keep clean when you are having your period. As long as you’re keeping clean there’s no reason why you should smell – unless you’re smelling of strawberry bath bombs!

Remember to change your pad or tampon every few hours – it can help to prevent leaks AND keep you squeaky clean.

“What if my period suddenly starts” – if you haven’t started your periods yet you might be worried that you’ll be sitting in Double Maths and all of a sudden…

Don’t worry! Usually a period starts with a light flow meaning you’ll have time to find a pad. It’s a good idea to carry some just in case you’re taken by surprise although it’s common to find that someone will lend you one.

And it’s TOTALLY normal to have loads of questions but that’s OK.

There are lots of people you can ask, and even if you’re shy why not check out the information available online at betty.me.

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