What will trains look like in the future? Find out with Bex and Dan in our new Britain’s Digital Railways series!

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Whether its passengers on a fast inter city service, a branch line to the coast, or commuters travelling to work on a tram or tube, Britain’s railways are certainly busy.

Bex and Dan are joining the passengers and learning that the number of people using the railways is expected to grow – and that things are going to have to change…

Today, Britain’s railway network carries over 3 million people every day – that’s 1.3 BILLION journeys each year.

And with the population set to increase, within twenty years there will be double the amount of rail passengers!

But we can’t just go building track everywhere, as Bex and Dan are going to find out…

The railway network has to work with what it’s got. Luckily, like with many other parts of life, technology has advanced to help.

With careful planning, the capacity on the network can be increased – that means more trains carrying more passengers.

It’s a challenge that engineers are excited about – and one they’re calling the ‘Digital Railway’.

It might sound a bit like a computer game but it just means using the very latest tech developments to get more trains on the network, travelling more efficiently and safely.

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Bex and Dan from Fun Kids learn all about the future of Britain’s railways, from signals to trains and tracks, in this new podcast series!

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Kids Guide to Trains: Britain's Digital Railways

Bex and Dan learn all about the future of Britain's railways, from signals to trains and tracks!


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